Red Door Studios Organizes "Life Drawing" at Body Worlds Union Station

Red Door Studios founder Lacey Lewis saw a huge opportunity to study human anatomy in a direct way that artists rarely are exposed to. The Body Worlds exhibit, recently at Union Station in Kansas City, features real human plastinates that give a unique view of the anatomy. Some plastinates are dissected while others are posed in a way that depicts human activities such as dancing and running.

Luckily Union Station was welcoming and Lewis was able to arrange a time, in conjunction with an anatomy class, just for artists to take advantage of this rare opportunity to study from the plastinates.

Fox 4 covered the artists' excursion here...

Union Station invites local artists to private showing of Body Worlds exhibit


KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Local artists got a sneak peak at a unique exhibit this morning, long before doors were open to the public. The Body Worlds and Cycle of Life Exhibition as Union Station had some early morning visitors Sunday.

Union Station allowed area artists to come in, pick a display, and draw it before the exhibit opened for the day.

Organizer Lacey Lewis said, "I've drawn at museum exhibits before and it's often pretty difficult because it has dark lighting so it's hard to see your drawing while you're working."

She said 17 artists there, many of whom were her students, like high school student Molly McGlynn. Molly said the event was a blend of art and science.

"Just having the understanding of what's underneath the skin helps you draw with the skin over it," McGlynn said.

Hector Casanova started earning money for his work as a college student.

"It's really a rare treat to be able to come draw." He said seeing body displays frozen in action poses allowed the artist to imitate figures on paper in a unique format.

He said, "This is rare to be able to see in the first place. This is completely different from figure drawing, being able to really understand the anatomy."

It was an early morning art opportunity that has local creative minds yearning for more.

"I could be here until midnight if we were allowed to. You'd have to kick me out!" Casanova said.

The Body Worlds Exhibit at Union Station will wrap up October 23.

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