Painting Materials List: Basic Oil Set

This list is for general oil painting classes and beginning students. Some of my more advanced portrait and figure painting students may require more colors than listed here.

Please buy professional quality, rather than student quality paints. Suggestions include but are not limited to Gamblin, Winsor & Newton, and Rembrandt.

Titanium White*
Ivory Black*
Ultramarine Blue*
Cadmium Yellow*
Cadmium Red*
Quinacridone Rose or Magenta
Phthalocyanine Turquoise
Lemon Yellow
Burnt Sienna

*These colors are the bare minimum required. The remaining pigments are helpful and in some specific circumstances necessary, but are not required for most beginning projects.

Get a few large filbert bristle brushes, a few smooth and pert synthetic filbert medium sized brushes, and a few small round synthetic brushes. Try to get brushes whose hairs don't easily fall out and that are not floppy.

Flat palettes only. Disposable palettes are acceptable as are wood, plastic, or other flat palettes.

Linseed Oil
Odorless Mineral Spirits (Optional)
*NO turpentine or mediums with a strong odor, please!

Clean Up
Paper Towels or Rags
Bar of white soap