Books on Painting

These are some of my favorite books related to painting and image design.

Creative Illustration - Andrew Loomis

A classic resource aimed toward illustrators, but couldn't be more applicable to painting and picture making.

Classical Painting Atelier - Juliette Aristides

A great in-depth look at traditional teaching and painting methods that are the renewed focus of today's atelier movement.

Traditional Oil Painting - Virgil Elliott

This book not only gives examples step-by-step of techniques used by the Old Masters, but is the best look into art materials and archival practices available.

Imaginative Realism - James Gurney

Incredible illustrator James Gurney highlights the many ways to go about creating images that go beyond what one can observe directly. This can be helpful if you are looking to make-up your own subjects or simply inventing a background for a painting.

Color and Light - James Gurney

Another gem that not only helps a painter to understand color mixing but also how to create depth, form, and mood with color choices.

Oil Painting Techniques and Materials - Harold Speed

A classic standard among oil painters, not as up to date as Virgil Elliott's book, but valuable none-the-less.